Extrication & Winching

If your vehicle becomes stuck on a road or near it due to a car accident, or in mud, sand or snow, or uneven pavement that can cause a loss of traction or on a small parking barrier etc. It will need to be extricated and/or winched. Before calling for extrication and winching service you need to access the situation and gather some key facts like how far away from road the vehicle is stuck, what are the weather conditions, your exact location etc. And give that information to the operator on phone as it will help them send the team with equipment most suited to your situation. The basic steps involved extrication processes are.

  • The protection of the accident scene to avoid risk of another collusion or fire.
  • Initial medical assessment by medical rescuer.
  • Securing vehicle to prevent the unexpected movement such as sliding or falling in a ditch etc.
  • Removal of the person from the vehicle.

When you call us seeking our extrication and/or winching services, we access the situation and send the technician most suited and equipped to your situation. Our technicians are trained rigorously at our training facilities located all over Atlanta. They have the latest technologies and equipment needed to perform their job professionally. Snappy Roadside has technicians on road all the time. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have a 30 min response time, means whenever you call us seeking our service our technician will be at your doorstep in 30 minutes maximum .We have background checks performed on all our technicians. Every member of our crew is thoroughly verified before he is sent on a job. We guarantee you a great experience. Try us out and prepared to be pleasantly surprised.