Tire Change


If you need a simple tire change for your vehicle stranded at home or office, or your tire has blown out while driving on a highway or one of the busier roads throughout the area it would really be a good idea to have a qualified roadside assistance service come out and help get a working tire back on your car. These situations can be dangerous if you lack the necessary equipment or are unaware of the precautions one should take while working alongside a road with traffic passing by at very high speeds. If you don’t have the time to sit in a traditional tire shop to have your tires serviced, or simply enjoy the convenience of having your tires serviced at your location, our tire change service team can come to your home or business to complete the job while you continue doing what you need to do.

A simple tire replacement process includes following steps.

– Apply the parking brake and put vehicle into park position.
– Place a heavy object on both sides of the front or back tires.
– Take out the spare tire and the jack.
– Place the jack at some stable location against the underside of the vehicle near the tire to be replaced.
– Raise the jack until it is supporting (but not lifting) the car.
– Loosen the nuts of the tire that is to be replaced by turning counterclockwise.
– Raise the jack to lift the tire off the ground
– Remove the nuts and tire and place the replacement tire and tighten the nuts by hand as much as you can.
– Lower the car and tighten the nuts.
– Remove the jack.

Our service is available 24/7 all over Atlanta. Our well-equipped tow trucks have all the necessary tools and safety equipment to help you in roadside emergencies like these and our professional tow truck operators are all highly experienced and reliable. In fact we have background checks performed on all our technicians. Every member of our crew is thoroughly verified before he is sent on a job. We guarantee you a great experience. Try us out and prepared to be pleasantly surprised.